Zaposlitev v klicnem centru

Kakšna je obremenitev pri delu v klicnem centru?

Dela v klicnem centru lahko vključujejo številne naloge, od preprostega odgovarjanja na dohodne klice strank in zagotavljanja tehnične podpore strankam do odhodnih hladnih klicev in telemarketinga. Delovna obremenitev in obseg odgovornosti zaposlenih v klicnem centru sta odvisna od delovne vloge in vrste klicnega centra, v katerem delajo (dohodni ali odhodni klicni center). Najosnovnejša dela v klicnem centru vključujejo:

  • Inbound call center agents: An inbound customer service representative usually manages large volumes of incoming customer calls and resolve customer inquiries. They may also take and place orders and handle customer accounts. Call center agents are typically expected to take around 50 to 80 calls during an 8-hour shift.
  • Technical support agents: Tech support agents provide technical customer service and help users resolve technical issues and troubleshoot problems they may encounter when using a company’s product. They are required to have strong tech skills and deep knowledge of the features of products a company sells.
  • Outbound call center agents: Outbound call center agents primarily make outbound calls to resolve customer issues, proactively reach out to external customers to learn about their needs, cross-sell products to existing customers, generate leads and attract prospects. They may also be involved in conducting market research.
  • Call center team leaders/ supervisors: Team leaders are responsible for managing a team of call center agents, including handling call escalations, call monitoring, training new agents, monitoring individual and team performance by keeping track of key call center metrics, and KPIs.
  • Call center managers: Call center managers supervise a group of team leaders. Their day-to-day activities may include ongoing coaching and setting goals for the team, monitoring global call center metrics and preparing reports for senior management, identifying and addressing issues, efficient resource planning, etc.
  • Remote call center agents: Remote call center agents (or work-from-home agents) are very often part-time employees of call centers, but they can also be hired for full-time remote positions. Just like the agents working in offices, remote call center agents are basically involved in the same customer care operations.

Kako se zaposlim v klicnem centru?

Call center jobs are relatively easy to get at an entry-level since they usually don’t require any specific education, qualifications, or deep expertise. In order to get hired as a customer care center agent, you may be required to have a bachelor’s degree, be fluent in English (or other native languages) and be familiar with using computers and the Internet. Having any previous experience in sales, marketing or human resources would be an added advantage as they can be considered valuable call center agent skills. Having former customer service experience is the best bet. Below are some basic steps to follow to get hired in a call center:

  • Search for call center job offers: Look through available call center job offers in your area. If you’re considering a remote opportunity, you can use websites like or that have plenty of options.
  • Write a comprehensive cover letter: In addition to your CV, make sure to compose a solid cover letter that should highlight your core skills and previous experience that might prove you are a good fit for a contact center role.
  • Do some research on the employer: Learn more about a company’s mission, culture, values, customers, products and services. It can give you a huge advantage during the interview and make you stand out among other candidates.
  • Be prepared for the ongoing training: Getting hired in a call center is only the first step. Call centers usually put a great emphasis on training and ongoing employee development to ensure agents are knowledgeable and efficient.

Ali obstaja karierna rast v klicnem centru?

Despite the typically high turnover rate, call centers provide great career growth opportunities. As a long as you have the right motivation, attitude, and experience in customer service, you can move up the career ladder to become a team leader and then a manager. Since customer support centers are generally fast-paced, top performing agents can usually move from junior call center reps to team leaders within around 2-3 years. Here is what might help you get promoted in a call center:

  • Demonstrate your reliability, consistency and willingness to do more than required
  • Be proactive and clearly showcase your interest in career advancement
  • Make sure you are consistently hitting benchmarks and delivering high performance
  • Show your positive influence and an ability to collaborate efficiently in a team
  • Focus on training and continuous learning to expand your skillset and knowledge

Katerih veščin se naučite v klicnem centru?

Delo v okolju klicnega centra je odlična priložnost za razvoj in piljenje vrste mehkih veščin. To bi lahko bilo zelo koristno za nadaljnje karierno napredovanje v sektorju storitev za stranke in širše. Spodaj je nekaj temeljnih veščin, ki se jih lahko naučite kot agent v klicnem centru. Delodajalci v skoraj vseh sektorjih vedno iščejo te veščine pri bodočih zaposlenih.

  • Stellar communication and listening skills: Since call center agents engage in remote customer service interactions, they acquire great listening and communication skills (both verbal and written).
  • Sales and negotiation skills: While working in a call center, agents gain experience in handling difficult customers and responding to objections. That creates a solid foundation to developing sales and negotiation skills.
  • Organization and multitasking skills: Being required to juggle a variety of tasks (talking on the phone with customers, checking the knowledge base, taking notes and updating CRM), often all at once, builds great organization and multitasking skills.
  • Flexibility and problem-solving skills: Call center agents often have to deal with unexpected problems and out-of-the-box scenarios, where they are expected to think and act quickly. That naturally develops flexibility, creativity, basic computer skills and problem-solving ability.
Karierni tekstopisec

Frequently asked questions

What is the workload in call center jobs?

The workload of call center employees heavily depends on a particular job role (agent, team leader, manager) and the type of a call center (inbound or outbound). The scope of responsibilities and daily operation may include answering incoming customer calls to resolve service issues and provide tech support, making outbound calls for lead generation and cross-selling to existing customers, and more.

How do I get hired in a call center?

Getting an entry level job in a call center doesn’t require any specific qualifications or expertise. To get hired as a call center agent, start from searching for available job offers (either local or international if you’re looking for remote virtual opportunities), write a detailed cover letter that outlines your skill set. Good practice is to research the employer and look through the most common call center interview questions to get prepared for the interview.

What skills do you learn in a call center?

Working in a call center enables agents to develop and strengthen a variety of soft skills that might help them in further employment opportunities in customer service or other sectors. Those include strong verbal and written communication skills, multitasking, organization and time-management, sales and negotiation skills, as well as flexibility and efficient problem-solving.

Is there career growth in call centers?

Call centers offer great career growth opportunities allowing agents to get promoted from junior reps to team leaders and then managers. In order to facilitate the promotion, agents need to consistently demonstrate high performance level, dependability, effective team collaboration skills, the right motivation, willingness to go the extra mile and develop new skills through continuous learning and developmental training.

What is a salary in call centers?

Salaries in call centers may vary based on a number of factors, such as the level of seniority or expertise, years of experience in the industry, the skills involved and the area you work in. E.g., the average salary for a call center representative in the United States is around $14 per hour, while per-call pay rates might be anywhere from $.10 to $.25 per minute. Bilingual call center agents may be paid at the upper end of the average scale.

How hard is it to work in a call center?

Call center jobs are known to be one of the most demanding and stressful ones, mainly due to the nature of the job and typically high workloads. Call center agents and customer support specialists may be required to handle about 50-80 calls with customers per shift and regularly have to deal with challenging and difficult customers. In addition, agents can often feel underpaid and unappreciated for their efforts, which ultimately results in increased burnout and call center attrition.

Nazaj na Slovar Ustvarite račun BREZPLAČNO
Upravitelji klicnih centrov morajo vedeti, kako izkoristiti tehnologijo klicnega centra za izboljšanje izkušenj s storitvami za stranke. Preberite več o upravljanju klicnega centra.

Upravljanje klicnega centra

Pri upravljanju klicnega centra je pomembno določiti prave KPI-je in jih deliti z vsemi agenti. Ko gre za zaposlovanje, je pomembno ustvariti idealen profil kandidata in postaviti situacijska in vedenjska vprašanja. Pomembno je imeti soliden program usposabljanja in ustvariti prijazno okolje za zaposlene. Postavite jasne cilje za svojo ekipo in uporabite gamifikacijo za spodbujanje motivacije agentov.

Če vas zanima, kako spoznati klicne centre, ne iščite več. V članku "LiveAgent akademija" se seznanite z namestitvijo, zasnovo in strukturo klicnega centra.

Namestitev klicnega centra – zasnova in struktura

Virtualni klicni center v oblaku je vse bolj priljubljen zaradi visoke ravni storitev in nemotene izkušnje strank. Programska oprema omogoča preprosto integracijo s ponudnikom VoIP ter organizacijo dohodnih in odhodnih telefonskih interakcij, prilagojenih potrebam poslovanja. Za učinkovit klicni center je nujna ustrezna oprema, kot so računalniki, slušalke in ustrezen programski sistem s funkcijo usmerjanja klicev, snemanja klicev in orodji za upravljanje odnosov s strankami. Brezplačna programska oprema za klicni center je na voljo, vendar je treba najti primerno za poslovne potrebe.

Izvedite več o rešitvi klicnega centra. Poglobljeno razumejte koncepte podpore strankam s preprostimi razlagami strokovnjakov.

Rešitev klicnega centra

Rešitve, kot je LiveAgent, lahko podjetjem pomagajo izboljšati interakcijo med agenti in strankami ter poenostaviti notranje prakse. Zagotavljanje kakovosti pa je ključno za doslednost in zanesljivost pri odgovarjanju na poizvedbe strank. Rešitve klicnega centra lahko pomagajo pri zagotavljanju bolj prilagojene izkušnje za stranke in izboljšanju produktivnosti oddaljenih agentov, ki potrebujejo osnovno računalniško opremo in dodatne produktivne aplikacije.

Če želite izvedeti več o opremi za klicne centre za vodenje uspešnega klicnega centra, preberite naš obsežen članek.

Oprema klicnega centra

CRM orodja, ki so integrirana v programsko opremo klicnih centrov, lahko izboljšajo izkušnjo strank z zagotavljanjem personaliziranih interakcij. Orodja za analitiko in upravljanje delovne sile lahko optimizirajo delovanje klicnih centrov. Stroški, potrebni za vzpostavitev klicnega centra, se lahko razlikujejo glede na vrsto in vključujejo plače, najemnino in programske stroške.

Naša spletna stran uporablja piškotke. Z nadaljevanjem uporabe te strani soglašate z uporabo piškotkov, kot je navedeno v našem pravilnik o zasebnosti in piškotkih.

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